Hot Men 2010: The Hottest Conservative Men

Priorities people! Today is the day when we focus, laser-like, on the hottest conservative men for 2010. Unlike last year, the judges this year are out and proud and gorgeous in their own right. Wow, what fabulous, beautiful, accomplished and smart women. I was chief judge and jury, so any gray areas were mine to figure out. If you’re mad, get mad at me. These ladies were helpful and hilarious and took their job very seriously. Here they are (in first name order because some ladies don’t have their last names online):

  • Alexa Shrugged, 26 Blogger: Alexashrugged
  • Ann Coulter, 49 Writer
  • Erika (PsstErika), 35
  • Elizabeth Blackney, 37 Blogger, Podcaster: Media Lizzy
  • Jackie Seal, 18, Blogger Red, White & Conservative
  • Lisa De Pasquale, 32 Blogger, Writer
  • Lori Ziganto aka SnarkandBoobs, 39, Blogger: Redstate, Newsreal, Snark and Boobs
  • Sister Toldjah, 39 Blogger: Sister Toldjah
  • Tabitha Hale, 26 Freedom Works, Blogger: Tabitha Hale, Redstate
    Special thanks to Tab for staying up, tallying and getting links. Couldn’t have done it without her.
  • And me, Melissa Clouthier aka MelissaTweets, 41, Blogger, Podcaster LibertyPundits,, Washington Examiner

Now, to get to it. What were the criterion? Hot, hot and more hot. I can tell you that the women did vote based on whether they liked someone or not. They couldn’t help it. Hot + Jerk = Lower score. But they all liked/disliked different folks, so there you go.

We sifted through 75 men and there were more we could have considered. Each woman judged the guy on a simple 1 to 10 scale (10 being I’m-passing-out-delirious) and then we did it on straight percentage (so the guys who got a “2″ because of the jerk factor, that was factored in). If that doesn’t sound fair, welcome to this thing called life. The fact is, women are wired differently than men and personality skews our judgment.

Also, when there is a tie, we went with the face over the body. The ladies on Twitter made that decision. And so some guys tied in pure score and again, we chose the face because that’s what happens (or can happen) in life. There are no ties in baseball or something.

1. Adam Baldwin, Actor, Writer & Blogger at Breitbart Big Hollywood

Adam has it all–brains, brawn and new media savvy. He’s a great writer. He’s also a lot of fun on Twitter. Follow him! He also gets more pictures because–well, he’s the winner and we like looking at him.

2. Joe Logue, American Conservative Union

3. Jeff Emanuel, Blogger Redstate, Writer, Archaeologist, Veteran, Combat Journalist

4. Scott Taylor, Candidate, Navy Seal, Business Man

5. Evan Baehr: Heritage Foundation,

6. David Freddoso: Author, Writer Washington Examiner, National Review

7. Doug Giles: Clash Radio, Pastor,

8. Apostle Claver: Activist, Pastor, Radio Host, Blogger, Tea Party organizer

9. Steven Crowder: Comedian, YouTube, Blogger

10. Jason Mattera: Author, Writer, Blogger

11. Kurt Schlichter: Blogger, Writer Breitbart Big Hollywood, Lawyer, Veteran

12. Bryan Myrick: Blogger Red County

13. Zac Moffatt: Targeted Victory

14. Tucker Carlson: Writer, Daily Caller, Pundit

15. Chris Christie: Governor of New Jersey

[NOTE: This caused a controversy because some wanted to go pure hotness & so voted accordingly. Even still, the super smokin' Governor got 15th place fair-n-square.]

16. Michael Yon: Military Blogger

17. John McCormick: Weekly Standard

18. Ben Domenech: Writer, Blogger New Ledger

19. Alfonzo Rachel: YouTube MachoSauce Productions

20. Steve Green: Vodkapundit, Blogger, Video Blogger Pajamas Media

Honorable Mention:

Allahpundit: HotAir Blogger

We hear that Allah is a cuter version of Jeremy Piven. If true, why would he deprive womenkind of that sort of hotness? A conservative version? Hawt! So, anyway, if Allah decides to go Alpha and come out of the closet, we conservative women will support his transition into society with adoring sighs. We. Are. Waiting.

Sexiest Man Alive 2010

Until next year! It’s been fun drooling over the manly goodness that is the conservative new media world.

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