Liberty Detox - Easy Way to Pass a Drug Test

You can have a drug test without having a knowledge of what actually goes on behind you, however, he more knowledge you have on testing methods, the better your chances of testing negative to such tests. The numerous questions that could be asked concerning drug screenings include; I am taking a prescription medication, will the medication make me test positive? What drugs could interfere with opiates and make me test positive to it? How long can a urine specimen be stored before testing? And what are drug test sensitivity levels and what are the standards established by common drug regulation agencies? And many more.

Test Prep Type: Urinalysis Potency: Strong For habitual users, high body mass individuals, and those who have used substances within several days of the test date. Time Frame:
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Test Prep Type: Urinalysis Accuracy: Matching NIDA Drug Screening Standards Amphetamines 1000ng/ml Cocaine 300 ng/ml Methamphetamines 500ng/ml Morphine 2000ng/ml THC 50ng/ml
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Test Prep Type: Urinalysis Potency: Normal For lightweight users who have no prolonged history of drug use and who have not used drugs within several days of the test date
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There are a whole lot of prescription medications which may or may not affect the result of a drug test, it will be very crucial to know the generic composition of medications and see if it contains some materials that will alter the test result, you may ask the seller of the medications or a medical expert t help you interpret the components of the medications.

Many people do ask if it is possible for testers to test for dilution of samples. This is very possible, an individual can use additives and dillutants to cover up a sample’s chemical composition, many testers are aware of this and they may pre-test a sample for dilution, a sample validity test as a matter of fact is used in detecting a sample dilution. Adulteration and substitution can also be subjected to a validity test.

Some OTC drugs contain Meperidine and Codeine; these components are believed to possess the ability to interfere with a drug test for some opiates. Codeine as a matter of fact is found in some cough treatment drugs as well as some pain relievers.

There are several minimum standard levels that has been set as a level beyond which a test result will be declared positive to a particular drug, for instance he minimum level of concentration that a test is declared positive for marijuana is 50ng/ml while that of cocaine is put at 300ng/ml. It is very important to know the minimum concentration levels to detect the actual cut under which someone is declared positive.