The Complete Emergency Flush Kit

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Purpose for The Complete Emergency Flush Kit

Everyone dreads the day they get asked to be involved in a drug screening, even people who do not have any unwanted toxins within their bodies. It's the simple feeling of discomfort that people dread. Instead of stressing over passing a test, if you're feeling unsure of passing a test, simply get the Complete Emergency Flush Kit. The name says it all; this kit includes a product for every type of drug test possible, hair, urine, saliva, and even blood. Also enclosed in the kit is a five-panel home test kit, so you can test yourself at any point throughout the process. The manufacturers assure you your satisfaction or your money back.

What The Complete Emergency Flush Kit contains:

  • Blood: 1 Perma Clean
    Vale’s manufacturers offer a world-renowned product, which consistently helps cleanse your system and blood of all redundant bodily toxins. This product comes with a fifteen-day supply of daily supplements, which are directed to be taken up until the day of your test. Perma Clean is the only product in the Complete Emergency Flush Kit that is a daily regimen. It is recommended to take up to eight capsules a day for best results.

  • Urine: 1 Super Quick Caps
    The best and easiest way to pass a urinalysis on short notice is the Super Quick Caps. This product guarantees reliable results, so instead of drinking a super sized drink, or taking a detox kit two weeks to take affect, simply get the Super Quick Caps. Directions, which are included, are broken down for an easy step by step understanding. Simply consume all four of the capsules at once with 24 ounces of water. Wait fifteen minutes, and drink another 24 ounces of water, wait one hour before proceeding to your test. Within the hour urinate as frequently as possible with a minimum of three times.

  • Saliva: 1 Ultra Wash
    A curious question, which is frequently asked, is how do you conceal toxins from your saliva? Saliva swab tests are becoming more in demand because it is thought to be impossible to get passing results. The Ultra Wash Cleansing Mouthwash is specifically designed to block toxins from your saliva. This does not permanently cleanse your saliva from toxins, however it does take affect immediately and lasts for a full thirty minutes, so it is guaranteed. Plan your time accordingly. Ten minutes before taking your test consume half of the bottle of mouthwash and swish in your mouth for a full two to three minutes. Spit out the contents and consume the other half of the bottle, repeat the first step, and immediately proceed to your test.

  • Hair: 2 Zydot Ultra Clean
    Hair follicle examinations are demanded to detect any toxins in your hair to examine personal moments in your life. If you feel uncomfortable about screening unwanted toxins in your hair simply get the ready to use Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo and conditioner. It comes included with a shampoo, conditioner, and purifier, also enclosed is a set of easy to follow directions, that guide you through the steps, for fast active results.

  • Self-Test: 1 Five Panel Home Test Kit
    The five panel home test kit is designed to test for multiple drugs at once such as amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and THC. It is simplistically easy to use, and comes with a set of directions. This product’s accuracy is very strategically designed to meet the standard federal drugs of abuse screening levels.