Herbal Clean 7 Day Premium Detox Regimen

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Test Prep Type:
Urinalysis, Saliva , Blood

For habitual users, high body mass individuals, and those who have used substances within several days of the test date

Time Frame:
Fast Acting, Temporary
Gradual Effect, Permanent

Manufacturers Satisfaction Guarantee

The Herbal Clean 7 Day Detox Regimen is a complete product package with two different types of supplements combined to provide you with a fast solution for test day and a long term cleaning to help you get completely clean over time. The 7 Day Kit includes a packet of Jump Start Capsules which are a one hour masking agent to be used on test day. Whether or not you've had sufficient time to get yourself completely clean, includes AM and PM capsules to be taken daily. These supplements are nutrients

For Best Results:
Avoid any non-prescribed medications for at least 48 hours before your test day. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your test but do not drink excessive amounts of water on test day. Eat normally on test day, but start the tea regimen on an empty stomach. Be sure to urinate several times before going to your test.

Consult your doctor whenever making decisions about your health. Individuals with special health needs and women who are nursing or pregnant should consult a health professional before using any supplement program.