Zydot Ultimate Blend 24 Plus Wild Cherry

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Designed as a single solution for infrequent users (To be used alone by persons whose toxin levels are low to moderate) a 1-Hour Quick Flush Program - Ultra Mask is the most dependable way to pass a urine drug test. A fast cleansing liquid formula combined with concentrated creatine and vitamins makes Ultra Mask a straightforward solution for a speedy detoxification. Effective in as little as 1 hour, Ultra Mask is fortified with a variety of nutrients to assist your body in flushing toxins on short notice: vitamins, herbal supplements and creatine. A trusted name in fast detox, Ultra Mask comes with a 500% manufacturers money-back guarantee. Directions:
Step 1) Avoid any and all toxins for at least 2 days before use of product.
Step 2) One hour before testing time, drink the entire bottle of Ultra Mask.
Step 3) 20 minutes later refill the bottle with water and drink another 25 ounces of fluids.
Step 4) Urinate frequently several times before submitting your urine sample for testing.
Step 5) 1-Hour Quick Flush - Ultra Mask will stay in effect for 2-4 hours. Make sure to submit your sample within that period of time.
Abstaining from Toxins for at least 48 hours is required, however the longer you can go the better it will be for your results. For lighter users 2 days of abstinence should be enough to allow Ultra Mask to be effective. Heavier users will benefit more if they can abstain for longer periods of time before testing. Also, for heavy users it is recommended to also take Power Flush Capsules prior to using Ultra Mask. Remember, results are temporary lasting several hours with maximum potency 2 hours after ingestion.