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Ultra Kleans Capsules are a great way to clean your urinary tract. These powerful capsules help to keep your urine clean for an average of 3-5 hours and take about an hour to an hour and a half to start working after consumption. They contain some of the worldÂ’s most powerful herbs used for cleansing. These herbs when taken alone are enough to clean ones urine, but together they become a very powerful flush when used properly and by following instructions. Backed by a 500% manufacturers money back guarantee, you cannot go wrong with these Power Flush capsules. Directions:
Step 1) For guaranteed results, avoid any and all toxins at least 48 hrs prior to use
Step 2) Take 7 capsules with 24oz glass of water
Step 3) Wait 20 minutes and take another 7 capsules with another 24oz glass of water
Step 4) Wait another 20 minutes and take last 7 capsules, 2 Vitamin b and 2 Creatine capsules with 24oz of water
Step 5) Urinate several times (at least 4-5) before going to take your test.

Ultra Kleans Capsules are a quick acting enhancement, but results are only temporary. Manage your time very carefully on test day. The entire process of consuming these pills takes about 40 minutes, and that should happen at least an hour before your testing time, so plan accordingly. If you are a heavier user or weigh over 200lbs, you can combine these capsules with a flush drink which would strengthen and enhance the product.