Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo & Conditioner

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Test Prep Type:

For habitual users, high body mass individuals, and those who have used substances within several days of the test date

Time Frame:
Fast Acting, Temporary

Manufacturers Satisfaction Guarantee

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner is a hair purifying treatment designed to clean traces of drug use and chemical residue from the interior and exterior of the hair shaft. The four-step wash process includes a shampoo, purifying agent, and conditioner that act to rinse away drug metabolites. Starting with a shampoo, Zydot washes away external impurities and prepares the hair for the purifier treatment. The purifier penetrates the hair shaft and reaches chemicals trapped deep inside. The shampoo is used a second time to help rinse away the purifier and lastly a conditioner is applied to keep your hair looking normal and untreated.

Detailed instructions are included within the Zydot Ultra Clean box. Be sure to follow them closely, taking care to only use half the shampoo in step 1 and the other half in step 3.

For Best Results:
One pack of Zydot is enough for a single treatment. If you have long hair (more than 5 inches) or have a heavy drug use history we recommend getting at least one pack per five inches. Use Zydot Shampoo on the day of your test, not days in advance. Your hair grows every day and washing in advanced will have no effect on newly grown hair.