First Aid for Burns and Scalds

If you burn yourself or scald yourself, you may be both terrified and in pain. These types of medical issues can be very scary. If you choose not ignore them or not get proper treatment, you can have lasting medical issues. Luckily, there are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. Take a look at the following information, to learn more about how to properly care for a burn or scald.

Burns and scalds can happen almost instantly. It’s important to provide emergency care right away. You need to run your burn or scald under cold water as soon as possible. This will help to stop the burning process and can also comfort your pain. Don’t simply dip the burn under cold water. Instead, hold it under the cold water for a few minutes. This will allow you to have the best results possible. You may also take over the counter pain products to help with pain that you may feel.

You will care for your burn or scald based on how badly you’re hurt. There are different degrees of burning. If it’s a minor burn, you can quickly provide care. All you need to do is clean out the burn and apply burn cream. You should also cover the area with a band aid and re-apply cream and band aids on a regular basis.

If your burns or scalds are more severe, you will need to seek medical attention. You shouldn’t attempt to provide care on your own, because you can cause more problems. Get to an emergency room right away. This is especially true if burns are on the face, mouth, throat, or near the eyes. Don’t assume that your burns aren’t that bad. It’s always better to get a medical opinion!

First Aid for Burns

There are some things that you should never do to your burns. You should never break a blister or play with the burned area. You should also not apply oil or butter. These products can trap the heat in the burn and make the burn worse. Don’t ever guess your way through burn care.

As you can see, there are things that you can do to better protect yourself after receiving a burn or scald. Don’t put yourself at risk for infection, scars, or other serious medical problems by not getting the care that you need. Follow the above tips so that you can properly care for your burns and scalds. If you ever have any questions or concerns, always consult with a medical professional.

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